Rental Car Customer Center in Garage A - Level 2 Front Curb with Canopy Ticketing Lobby TSA Checkpoint View of Front Curb Grand Hall Concessions Airside Garden Concourse View of Grand Hall Concessions Concourse Baggage Claim
GSP - A brief history

See it as improvement.

GSP will become one of the most operationally capable and efficient airports of its size.


October Update

For customer convenience there will be three T.D. Bank ATM’s available at GSP. One ATM will be located near baggage claim. The two remaining ATMs will be located in Concourse A and Concourse B, near the Best Buy vending machines.

Once departing passengers have cleared the new centralized TSA Screening Checkpoint they can then access the appropriate concourse, A or B by turning left/South for (A) or right/North for (B). The new exit lane doors are now operational on the Concourse B side. Arriving passengers will pass through these doors on the second level as they travel to Baggage Claim or to the 1st floor exits. The exit lane door on Concourse A side is not operating while crews put down new tile. It is expected to be finished and doors will start operating for passengers by mid-October.


October Update Core Construction
The new South End (A) elevators, escalators and stairs located on the 2nd level are now operational. Work continues on the new down escalators and is expected to open prior to Thanksgiving. Construction crews are re-carpeting the floors in Concourse A and is expected to finish by the end of the year. Temporary construction walls in the Grand Hall located on the 2nd level just beyond the centralized screening checkpoint have been constructed to conceal the work being done to complete the new food and beverage locations. Those new facilities include The Kitchen, Chick-fil-a, and DC-3. New bathrooms in this area are also under construction.

Concourse Modifications
Improvements to the third floor gate area will include new airline ticket counters, lighting and floor treatments. These treatments include a combination of tile, laminate, drywall and carpeting for passenger comfort and to navigate from one area of the concourse to another. An array of finishes will also be added including wood treatments to add warmth and a ceiling cloud to assist with acoustics and intuitive way-finding. Also being installed to help passengers navigate throughout the concourses is new directional signage. New electronic flight equipment that will tie into the paging systems is also being added to the gate areas. All of these additions and improvements will aide in our promise to try and always deliver the best customer experience possible for those traveling into and out of GSP International Airport. Check out one of the finished gates in the photograph. Thomas Creek in Concourse A and R.J. Rockers in Concourse B is expanding by creating additional seating for customers. The seating are is located directly across from the restaurant with pub style table and chairs. That project is expected to be complete by mid-October.

Additional Construction
On your next trip, take a glance out the windows towards the runway and see all the work being done to refresh the airside garden. This is going to be an amazing new space once the new landscape and fountains are installed. Work in this area should be completed in approximately 60 days. The old escalators have been removed and the new ones have arrived. See a picture below of the new escalators below. Installation on these has begun and should be completed soon.

The space located on the North end of the ticket lobby which once housed the temporary airline ticket counters is being transformed into new Administrative Offices and a new Conference Center. The new parking lot adjacent to this space is being refurbished with a mill and overlay of asphalt. New curbs, gutters and lighting are also being installed and should be completed by the end of September.

Work in the Grand Hall located on the 2nd floor just past the passenger security screening checkpoint continues. Tenant contractors are on site putting the finishing touches on several new locations including a Tech on the Go, Dunkin Donuts, Basking Robbins and another new Hudson Store location, all are scheduled to open by the first week in November. We are also continuing to install new ceiling panels while at the same time completing the other items associated with the roofing system I guess you could say, Christmas is coming early to GSP this year!

Art Installations  
Now that some areas of the airport are complete, we are in the process of installing seven new and unique art pieces.The first piece by Greenville artist Melissa Anderson is located in Concourse B. The three oil paintings depict Upstate scenes including a peach blossom, water tower and the Liberty Bridge. Visitors to the airport’s terminal will see California artist Arthur Stern’s work above the four elevators. His 20 glass panels were inspired by the surrounding elements and architecture. Minnesota artists Brian Boldon and Amy Baur created a glass piece called Spool of Thread. It’s six colorful glass panels, showing pieces of the upstate. It hangs on the water wall next to TSA’s security checkpoint and water runs over it. The latest installation is called South Carolina Quilt and was created by New Mexico’s Evelyn Rosenberg using explosives. The metal quilt has several unique patches that tells the story of the upstate. It is hanging on the wall in the A-concourse. A terrazzo tile installation by New Mexico artist Joan Weissman will be installed in the fall. Two more pieces will be installed this year.


Exterior Modifications
Enhancements to the facade and exterior of the terminal are completed. Glass windows have taken the place of the original concrete exterior, allowing the terminal interior to be brightened with natural light. Curbside canopies have been constructed along the terminal, giving those people who are in the drop-off and pick-up area shelter from inclement weather. Covered walkways connecting the terminal to the parking garages were also constructed a part of the renovation.

Baggage Claim
Renovations to the baggage claim area are completed and include retail and concessions, giving travelers who have not passed through security a place to grab a bite to eat or to purchase items for their trip. This area also boasts three new baggage claim carousels to make arriving to GSP even more convenient.

Concourse Additions
The construction of additional food, retail space and restrooms in Concourses A&B is complete. The concourses welcome two local breweries as they partner with MSE Branded Food to bring Thomas Creek Grill to Concourse A and RJ Rockers Flight Room to Concourse B. We also welcomed Hudson back to our concourses.

Rental Car Customer Center
Construction of the Rental Car Customer Center in Garage A is completed. This one-stop center brings all rental car operations and services under one roof, making it easier and more efficient for travelers. The two-story facility houses five rental car agencies and their offices, and is complete with restrooms as an added convenience for customers.


WINGSPAN is scheduled to take 48 months that will include three primary phases:


Mechanical and electrical systems overhaul will be completed throughout each phase of the program.

1A: Enabling Projects

  • Rental Car Customer Center relocation
  • Concourse A & B expansion for restrooms and food, beverage and retail concessions
  • Construction of the North Wing for temporary airline facilities
  • Utility/infrastructure relocation

1B: Baggage Claim Renovations

  • New baggage claim carousels
  • Construct canopy on curbside for loading/unloading in front of baggage claim
  • Covered walkways to parking garages
  • Complete new glass front on the terminal


  • Grand Hall Development including new food, beverage, and retail concessions area
  • Renovation of the existing ticketing lobby
  • New Customer Service booths
  • New Landside Garden
  • New baggage screening equipment and facilities
  • Security Checkpoint Consolidation & Relocation
  • Concourse A and B Renovation


  • Construction of the new Administrative Office for GSP
  • Construction of the Conference Center