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Remember it as historical.

Renovations will be the dividing line, a pivotal point in connecting GSP’s history to its future.

The airport’s groundbreaking ceremony was held at 11:00am on July 7th.

The airport opened October 15th, becoming the first non-military airport to have a runway center line lighting system.

A parking garage was constructed, adding an additional 1,600 new parking spaces and bringing the total to more than 3,000 parking spaces.

An expansion project was completed, increasing the airport terminal and passenger waiting areas by 140,000 square feet. Boarding bridges were also added for passenger access. New lounge and dining facilities were added as well as a travel agency located inside the terminal building.

The runway was extended from 7,600 feet to 9,000 feet. The airport’s name was changed to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, achieving international status because it houses two Federal Inspection Stations (FIS) consisting of Customs, Immigration and Agriculture. Per hour, 250 international passengers could be cleared through Customs at GSP.

A second parking garage was constructed, adding 1,500 new parking spaces, and bringing the total number of parking spaces to 4,500.

The second runway expansion project was completed, increasing the runway to 11,001 feet.

Over 13,000 square feet of new terminal space was opened, increasing the available number of boarding gates to 13 total. Five new rental car service facilities were also constructed.

Security fencing and access control equipment was expanded and updated to improve access control to the airfield and passenger loading areas. Two new passenger-boarding bridges needed to accommodate additional airlines were purchased and installed. The airfield was renamed after founder Mr. Roger Milliken, the only Chairman of the Airport Commission until his passing on December 30, 2010. Mr. Milliken’s vision and dedication to GSP has made this airport one of the best and safest airports in the nation.

The airport entrance road was widened to accommodate additional vehicle traffic. This project was advanced several years in order to take advantage of the South Carolina Department of Transportation’s decision to close and improve the airport interchange from Interstate 85.

Approximately ten acres were purchased along Interstate 85 for the future construction of an overpass bridge to northbound traffic on the interstate.

Southwest Airlines arrived at GSP. Passenger traffic at GSP increased more than 38% in 2011 to 1,755,509 customers, compared to 1,268,202 customers in 2010.

Phase One of WINGSPAN began in June with the Rental Car Customer Center enabling project.

GSP - A brief history