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Phase One of the GSP Terminal Improvement Program is Underway - Parking Garage A

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) marks the beginning of a multi-phase Terminal Improvement Program to modernize the main terminal building, improve passenger flow and upgrade the facility to further enhance the passenger experience.

The scheduled 48-month Program will be GSP’s second comprehensive terminal improvement since the facility opened in 1962. The first terminal improvement project completed in 1989 expanded the terminal from 66,000 square feet to 226,000 square feet and cost $50 million.

Approximately $100 million plus is budgeted for the current overall Program with airport funds being used to fund 80 percent of the Program. The remaining 20 percent of funding will come from a combination of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Improvement Program Fund and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), for the new baggage screening system. No local taxpayer dollars will be used to fund any portion of the Program and the terminal will remain operational throughout the duration of the Program.

“We are very excited about the updates and improvements that are coming” GSP President and CEO Dave Edwards said. “While utilizing the existing footprint of the building we will improve the flow of traffic, introduce new technology and modernize the look and feel of the terminal. Our design team has worked hard to preserve key elements so that our new terminal will be reminiscent of what it is today.”

The Program is scheduled to take 48 months and will include four primary phases:

  • Phase 1 – Enabling Package (Including Rental Car Customer Center, North Wing, Concourse Expansion, Electrical System)
  • Phase 2 – Bag Claim Renovations (Including South Bridge / Vertical Circ., HVAC)
  • Phase 3 – Building Core (Including Ticketing, Concessions Hall, Checkpoint)
  • Phase 4 – Concourse Renovations (Including Final Project Wrap-up)

Phase 1, which is underway, includes the relocation and expansion of the rental car facilities in Parking Garage A. Customer Service counters and offices for each of the five rental car agencies will be constructed inside Parking Garage A. This new design will provide customers with one central location for rental car services. Currently, customers check-in at the agency desk inside the terminal and then go outside to the garage to pick-up their keys and their car. By consolidating and relocating all rental car services to the garage, the rental process for customers is streamlined and space inside the terminal becomes available for the execution of other projects to come later in the Terminal Improvement Program.

At the completion of the project, approximately 120 parking spaces will be lost to the general public in Garage A. However, the economy parking lot is being expanded adding 450 additional spaces. This expansion should be completed by the end of August 2012.

Some other information for customers and passengers utilizing Parking Garage A:

  • There will be no immediate changes to the entrances or exits of Garage A.
  • Driving patterns inside the garage will be affected on Levels 1-3, but unaffected on Levels 4 and 5.
  • Ample parking is still available on all floors of the Parking Garage A and Parking Garage B will be unaffected by the construction.
  • Changes to Garage A will occur on levels one, two and three only.
  • Parking rates will not be affected.
  • During the estimated three week demolition in May, the majority of work will take place at night.
  • Construction areas and preferred walking paths will be clearly marked.

Skanska Moss, a joint venture between Skanska USA Building and local contractor Moss & Associates, is serving as the Construction Manager at Risk for the entire length of the Program.

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